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At Timeless Life Sculptures we focus on the Art of Lifecasting. Lifecasting is the process of creating Art directly from the human body. The artist uses molding and casting techniques to create in essence an exact three-dimensional reproduction of a portion of the body. (Click images to enlarge.)

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Lifecasting dates back almost 5000 years ago to the time of the Egyptian King Tutankhamun where the artisans of Ancient Egypt used alabaster stone to make a material commonly known today as gypsum or plaster. It is believed that King Tut’s sarcophagus was constructed and crafted by first taking a lifecast directly from his face using plaster and weaved plant fibers. From this mold they were able to create an exact likeness of the King.

Today, we use a material called alginate to obtain an exact impression of the body. Alginate is a natural and safe material derived from Kelp or Seaweed and is used in a variety of ways today. It is used to thicken products such as ice cream, jelly and even toothpaste. It is also used in the medical field to make impressions of teeth for general dentistry and orthodontics, as well as, the prosthetics Industry in making tightly fitted artificial limbs. We here at Timeless Life Sculptures use only sterile medical grade alginate. A hypoallergenic material that’s safe for skin contact.