Anthony Giancarli is the oldest of six children born to Italian immigrants. His father became a self-made businessman and successful builder. His mother, a woman of exceptional culinary skills was a successful entrepreneur in her own right establishing two eateries.

“I am very fortunate to have had parents who instilled in me the value of hard work and striving to reach my goals and aspirations. At a young age I was always creating something… tinkering with this or with that. I loved creating things that no one else seemingly had ever done. Like many, I believe that true art comes from within; a passion yearning to come out. I also believe that the work of an artist is never truly finished. There’s just a pause between one expression and the next. And there is a common thread that can be seen in an artist’s work which is born from his or her spirit and projected into reality… from thought to pragmatic expression”.

Anthony was educated as a civil engineer and is a self-taught artist. He started in the art of lifecasting over 11 years ago when he became fascinated while watching an artist use techniques to take molds directly from life. Through trial and error Anthony has honed his skills to create wonderful and creative personal sculptures